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AAM58 PROFINET, Automation 4.0
Date:2022-12-29        Hits:247        Back
 The best innovations are those that intercept evolution and stay with it for a long time. Proud to note that a few years after being "born" away, we can say that our encoder afm 58 PROFINET plays an important role in the development of his 4.0 automation at the same time: with other Encoders sinergicamente's ability to converse with each other today still makes it an efficient, useful and flexible device for a complex system.

The Profinet electronic interface of this absolute multiloop encoder allows the connection of multiple functional and communication devices in an integrated network that can be set up and run in all aspects via a personal computer.
Total resolution of 25 bits (13 bits for single turn + 12 for multiple turns); The M12 connector can be installed very quickly, while temperature tolerance (from -40 degrees to + 80 degrees) allows for use in any operating environment: performance, versatility, and reliability.